Wisconsin Rule Changes – Hazardous Waste Rules Amended

Published On: September 24, 2020

On September 1, 2020, several changes to the WDNR’s hazardous waste rules went into effect. The changes are intended to incorporate three major federal initiatives including 1) the Generator Improvement Rule, 2) the Pharmaceutical Rule, and 3) the Definition of Solid Waste Rule.

Some of the significant changes include:

  • Allowing VSQGs to consolidate their hazardous wastes at a LQG facility under the same ownership/control;
  • Allowing for ‘episodic generation’ events which would not affect a facility’s classification as a VSQG or SQG;
  • Requiring SQGs to provide re-notification every four years;
  • New labeling and marking requirements for hazardous waste containers to incorporate the type of hazard the material presents.

In addition, the WDNR has recently been emphasizing the state and federal requirement to document waste determinations. Sigma can help you evaluate individual waste streams, document your facility’s waste determinations, and assist with other regulatory compliance requirements.

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