Sigma provides multiple services for downtown development


The Sigma Group (Sigma) was retained by Wangard Partners to provide site surveying, civil engineering and environmental services for their Water Street office building development on the former Laacke & Joys property along the Milwaukee River. The project involved razing a portion of the existing Laacke & Joys building, rehabilitation of the remaining portion of that building, construction of a new five-story office building addition, Riverwalk construction and temporary parking lot construction.

Site before remodeling

Site after remodeling

Surveying services included preparation of an ALTA/ACSM Land Title survey and performance of a level survey of remaining existing building floors.

Civil engineering services included:

  • Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) filing to FEMA for removing portions of site from a floodplain
  • Coordination of Riverwalk design with new dockwall installation
  • Preparation of site civil plans including site preparation and erosion control, layout and paving, grading, utilities, Riverwalk and site details
  • Preparation of technical site work specifications
  • Attending project coordination and review meetings with design team, general contractor and City of Milwaukee
  • Services during construction including periodic construction site visits, review of contractor submittals and response to contractor RFIs

Sigma also provided a full range of environmental services including performance of pre-demolition asbestos, lead-based paint and hazardous material inspection, performance of environmental subsurface investigation, preparation of remedial action and soil management plans, permitting with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for construction on historic fill site, design of subsurface methane venting system, and Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District permitting for discharge of low-level contaminated ground water and gasoline underground storage tank removal oversight and assessment.

The 1433 North Water Street Development provides 110,000 square feet of upscale office and retail space with 570 feet of river frontage and ample on-site and off-site parking.