Sigma develops VA asset management system


The Sigma Group was retained to complete a comprehensive survey of the Veterans Affairs Medical Center of Milwaukee (VA) grounds and develop an associated Geographic Information System (GIS)-based asset management system.

Historically, the VA attempted to maintain facility and grounds information via the use of various paper records, computer-aided design (CAD) files, and other disparate electronic storage and retrieval methods such as pdf format. The use of these previous methods created a variety of problems with maintaining updated, accurate, and reliable facility information.

When the VA wanted to proceed with completing an updated survey of their entire campus area, it was concluded that a GIS-based system should be developed as a comprehensive mapping, and data storage and retrieval solution for all exterior facility assets.

The project involved providing aerial photography and planimetric mapping services for the entire approximate 280-acre VA grounds area. The planimetric mapping features included buildings, pavements, open spaces, and vegetation.

The ground level survey work for the project was completed using survey grade GPS instruments and included mapping the various campus utilities including sewer, water, electric, communications, and gas system distribution systems. Information such as utility structure types, valve numbers, electrical transformer ID information, hydrant numbers, and measurements of sewers depths was collected in the field using pre-configured handheld data collectors to tag each asset with the critical attribute data.

The planimetric and ground level mapping and attribute data were then compiled and developed into an ArcGIS 10 based Geographic Information System (GIS) for the VA to utilize for facility mapping and asset management purposes.