What is vapor intrusion?

Chemicals used in commercial activities such as dry-cleaning chemicals, chemical degreasers, and gasoline are sometimes spilled or leaked into soil and groundwater. These chemicals, which contain volatile organic compounds, often become vapors that can migrate from contaminated soil and groundwater into buildings. This process is known as vapor intrusion.

Expertise and Experience

The Sigma Group has performed vapor intrusion evaluations and designed vapor mitigation systems at sites throughout the Midwest.

Sigma’s experience encompasses residential, commercial, retail, industrial, healthcare, and governmental facilities.

Sigma has sampled, pilot tested, designed and installed vapor mitigation systems for new and existing facilities. Sigma has lead incident command situations to address emergency releases of vapor substances that impact or threaten to impact human health, safety, welfare, and the environment.

Sigma’s capabilities in vapor sampling activities are founded on the following:

  • Subsurface Vapor Source and Migration – Sigma understands the subsurface issues that can impact vapor intrusion.
  • Occupant Exposure – Sigma has full capabilities in indoor air quality services to not only address vapor, but a spectrum of indoor air quality-related problems including allergens, asbestos, bacterial / mold organisms, carbon monoxide, metal, noxious odors, particulates, radon, silica, smoke and volatile organic compounds.
  • Building / Infrastructure – Possess skills and experience in geology, hydrogeology, indoor air quality, pre-renovation / demolition, hazardous materials management, building conditions assessment, and construction management.

Featured Projects

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