Helping connect communities in Menomonee Valley


Menomonee ValleyMenomonee Valley Partners (MVP) was contemplating the purchase and positioning of several sites along West Pierce Street in Milwaukee’s near-south side Silver City neighborhood for redevelopment. The primary objective of the property acquisitions was to establish a pedestrian and bicycle “passageway” between the neighborhood and the Hank Aaron State Trail located along Canal Street in the approximate location of a historic connecting tunnel and pedestrian bridge over the Menomonee River. One of the parcels would involve the potential renovation of an industrial building as office space.

Sigma completed Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments of the subject parcels to provide MVP with information regarding past site uses and to identify potential environmental liabilities. The assessments provided baseline information and served as a valuable decision-making tool to move forward with the property acquisitions. The Phase I ESAs were performed in compliance with ASTM E-1527-05 All Appropriate Inquiry standards and consist of four components:

  1. Records review
  2. Site reconnaissance
  3. Interviews
  4. Written report

The Phase I ESA indicated the potential for environmental liability related to former heating oil underground storage tanks (USTs) where residual impacts were identified during UST closure and the presence of fill material in the parking lot area. Sigma performed limited site characterization and sampling using its truck-mounted Geoprobe drilling equipment. MVP proceeded with the purchase, which has led to the design and completion of the passageway. The building property was transferred to a private developer.

Bridge installation photo courtesy Wisconsin Bike Federation