Solutions tailored to fit client needs

The Sigma Group combines cost-effective site investigation with client-oriented subsurface investigation and remediation services. We work to establish the nature and magnitude of impacts in the subsurface environment and determine the fate and transport of contaminants. Our geologists, hydrogeologists, and engineers evaluate subsurface conditions and recommend response strategies based on consistent and planned land use.

We determine client goals, define the environmental problem, and develop cost-efficient and effective solutions. Our investigative approach includes:

  • Estimating potential costs / developing pro formas
  • Establishing timeline and milestones
  • Record reviews
  • Historic information searches
  • Collecting and analyzing data
  • Feasibility analysis (fate and transport modeling, natural attenuation trend analysis, microbial and nutrient analysis, biodegradation rate studies, risk assessments, bench scale and pilot testing, life-cycle analysis)
  • Reporting and remedial action evaluations
  • Remedial action implementation

Sigma will tailor your investigation and remediation strategy to consider:

  • Closure strategies
  • Liability minimization
  • Reimbursement and grant programs

Services to fit your schedule and budget. Sigma owns Geoprobe™ equipment, so our personnel are ready when needed.

Closure Strategies

Sigma uses many approaches to obtain case closure. In some cases, implementing a remediation system or excavation activities reduces existing contaminant concentrations below applicable regulatory standards allowing for unconditional case closure. We also use site-specific data to illustrate that case closure is warranted and eliminating further project expenses. Sigma is an industry leader in implementing natural attenuation as a closure strategy. As an additional tool in the State of Wisconsin, we have extensive experience using the VPLE (Voluntary Party Liability Exemption) program, as appropriate.

Remedial Methods

Sigma uses numerous tools to remediate sites:

  • Engineered mechanical remediation systems (air sparging, dual extraction)
  • Enhanced bioremediation (in situ injection, biosparging, reagent mixing, funnel and gate, etc.)
  • Excavation
  • Innovative remediation techniques (onsite thin spreading, site capping)
  • Intrinsic bioremediation (natural attenuation)

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