Sigma helps reduce costs while meeting schedule and budget

Shorewood, Wisconsin


Assisting Sherman Associates with the construction of multi-family senior apartments over an underground parking structure, The Sigma Group worked to provide environmental site assessments, a multi-phase soil sampling program, and regulatory approvals for soil characterization and management at the site, which contained contaminated and possibly foundry-related waste materials.

Sigma’s proactive work significantly reduced soil management costs and helped the senior housing project meet its construction schedule and budget requirements.

Sigma work on the project included:

  • Completed Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Completed preliminary Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment, including soil sampling and analysis

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  • Conducted multi-phase soil sampling program to develop cost-effective and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) approved soil management plan
  • Completed regulatory submittals and gained WDNR-approved for Exemption to Build on a Historic Fill Site and NR 718 contaminated soil management and off-site disposal
  • Prepared site-specific WDNR-approved soil management plan
  • Coordinated on-site soil excavation and management during major earthwork activities