Sigma samples and monitors groundwater at landfill sites

delafield, wisconsin


The Sigma Group was retained by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) to perform routine sampling of groundwater monitoring wells and drinking water supply wells, the leachate system, and landfill gas extraction system for the Sanitary Transfer and Landfill site in Delafield, Wisconsin. The work started in May 2013 and continued through May 2016.

Sigma monitoring and sampling activities

Completed four rounds of groundwater sampling from two monitoring wells, six water supply wells and a leachate tank.

Samples submitted for volatile organic compounds, semi-volatile organic compounds, metals and other inorganic and field parameters for the Landfill Gas Extraction System operating at the site.

Coordination with residences and WDNR project manager prior to each site visit and during sample collection.

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Making the data work

Laboratory and field data collected during each sampling period were evaluated using project QA/QC protocols, tabulated and reported to the WDNR. Also, reports of the private supply well samples were prepared for each private residence with appropriate explanation and/or clarification of the results.

The accumulated data was submitted to the WDNR Waste Management Program GEMS on a routine basis in accordance with the WDNR Publication, PUB-WA 1357 for preparing and submitting landfill environmental monitoring data.