Sigma provides various services for global manufacturer

Racine, Wisconsin

S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. (SCJ) is a family-owned and managed business dedicated to innovative, high-quality products, excellence in the workplace and long-term commitment to the environment and the communities in which it operates. Based in Racine, Wisconsin, SCJ is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of household cleaning products and products for home storage, air care, personal care and insect control.

The 130-year old company, with $7 billion in sales, employs approximately 12,000 people globally and sells products in more than 110 countries. Through innovative green energy efforts, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Climate Leaders program and more, SCJ is doing its part to conserve our planet’s critical resources.

The Sigma Group has partnered with SCJ in various projects driven by the company’s sustainability initiatives at their manufacturing (2.2 million square-foot Waxdale complex), corporate, and R&D facilities located in the Racine area.

Services provided by Sigma include:

  • Served as owner’s representative for design and construction of two turbine cogeneration facility. The turbines generate the daily base load of electricity for Waxdale and between half and all the steam needed for operations, depending on the season. The cogeneration turbines natural gas fuel is augmented by a supply of methane landfill gas from a nearby licensed landfill saving millions of dollars per year, reducing the company’s reliance on coal-fired electricity and removing 52,000 tons of greenhouse gases annually.
  • Performed comprehensive evaluation of the Waxdale water and wastewater conveyance system and developed a long-term operation and maintenance program to proactively improve performance and reliability of these systems.
  • Conducted evaluation of water usage at the corporate headquarters complex and developed significant water reduction practices.
  • Assisted with several renovation and demolition projects with emphasis on optimizing recovery of materials suitable for recycling and reuse.