Sigma leads multi-use trail plan

shorewood, wisconsin

The Village of Shorewood engaged the project team lead by The Sigma Group to study and prepare a conceptual plan to improve the trails and restore the bluffs along the Milwaukee River from Capitol Drive to the south end of Hubbard Park.

The Village desired a multi-use trail at the top of the bluff to connect with the Milwaukee County Oak Leaf Trail and a network of hiking trails along the river bank.

With the forthcoming development on a large parcel overlooking the river on Capitol Drive, as well as with the reconstruction of the road, the objective was to enhance walking and bike riding the area, improving the connections to Hubbard Park with the neighborhoods.

Community Involvement

Sigma coordinated the community involvement by identifying and interviewing the many stakeholders including representative citizens, municipal services, off-road bikers, property owners, river preservation organizations and educational institutions. Sigma convened several stakeholder meetings consisting of field tours and information exchange. Through this process, desires and needs were prioritized.