Public Outreach

The Sigma Group, Inc. know that public outreach and community involvement throughout the design process is a valuable tool on sensitive projects. The integration of the public into the initial design process builds support for the project that helps minimize issues and concerns as the project moves into design and construction. Our staff is heavily engaged in community groups both inside and outside of work, and this involvement aids our clients in engaging the trust of the community on their specific projects.

Stakeholder Management

Some projects do not require complete public outreach to meet their goals, but instead need our help to manage a key group of stakeholders for the project. Although the overall process is similar to public outreach, stakeholder management requires different skills and tools. Stakeholders usually have a very direct involvement in the project, and more knowledge, and therefore Sigma engages these people in the project in a different manner.

What Tools Does Sigma Use?

  • Mailers
  • Online and written survey
  • Online newsletters
  • Open house meetings

Sigma Community Group Involvement

  • 30th Street Industrial Corridor
  • City of Milwaukee Green Initiatives
  • Downtown Greendale Development
  • Inner Harbor Planning Group
  • Menomonee Valley Partners
  • Friends of Hank Aaron State Trail
  • Numerous Business Improvement Districts
  • Numerous Community Development Corporations (CDCs)

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