Phase I ESA

The Sigma Group conducts Phase I Environmental Assessments (Phase I ESAs) to help meet your real estate environmental due diligence needs:

  • Debt / Equity / Lender Requirements
  • Lender Liability Protection
  • Municipal Liability Protection
  • Joint and Several Liability Superfund Protection
  • Corporate Risk Management

Sigma’s Phase I ESA follows the ASTM All-Appropriate Inquiry (AAI: E1527-13) aspect to the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA). The AAI is the most comprehensive Phase I ESA available and includes:

  • Records Reviews
  • Site Inspection
  • Interviews

Please call us to discuss a Phase I ESA and other Environmental Site Assessment products offered by Sigma. The Phase I ESA is not a commodity but in fact a significant form of insurance. The identification of a Recognized Environmental Condition is better identified prior to the real estate closing and before taking title.

Sigma has the resources and expertise to assist you with simple or complex due diligence projects to help ensure your success.

Phase II ESA

The Phase II ESA is the follow-up step to evaluate Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) identified by the Phase I ESA. The Phase II ESA involves the necessary investigation activities, typically including laboratory analysis of soil and/or groundwater, to evaluate whether a contaminant release to the environment exists, and to enable Sigma to prepare an environmental cost estimate.

The Phase II ESA is critical to understanding:

  • Areas of Contamination
  • Additional Investigation Costs
  • Excavation and Disposal Costs
  • Overall Remediation Costs
  • Potential Environmental Liabilities
  • Debt / Equity / Lender Financing Approvals
  • Construction Budgeting
  • Costs to Regulatory Closure

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