Sigma designs development stormwater management plan

ryan road, oak creek, wisconsin

The Sigma Group was engaged by Zabest Commercial Development to develop and design a stormwater management plan for a Baskin-Robbins/Dunkin’ Donuts outlet in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. The 1.18-acre site was to feature construction of an approximate 2,800 square-foot fast food outlet building and associated parking drives and infrastructure.

Due to the small size of the site, conventional stormwater management practices such as above ground stormwater detention basins were not feasible. In conjunction with Zabest and the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) to meet City of Oak Creek and MMSD stormwater management requirements, Sigma developed an innovative stormwater management approach for the site.

Services provided by Sigma include:

Civil/Site Engineering

Sigma prepared site engineering plans and specifications as required for City plan review. Sigma also handled both the permitting and construction for the project, including site erosion control plans, site grading/drainage plans, site paving plans and site utility plans.

Storm Water Management Design / Permitting

Due to site space constraints, a conventional above ground stormwater detention basin could not meet the requirements of the City of Oak Creek or MMSD stormwater management. In order to meet these stormwater management requirements, an innovative stormwater management system was constructed.

The stormwater management system included the use of previous concrete pavement, an underground stone detention layer and rain gardens. The system was designed to meet requirements Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) NR 151, City of Oak Creek and MMSD Chapter 13 stormwater management regulations. The design passed all requirements, and was approved and permitted by the City of Oak Creek and MMSD. The system has been constructed and is currently operated as a zero stormwater discharge system.