Moisture problems in buildings

Water intrusion and moisture are commonly regarded threats to the durability and long-term performance of a building. The consequences of inadequate moisture control can be severe, including the degradation of building material strength and insulation value and increasing the weight of building components beyond structural capacity. Moisture problems can also support microbial growth leading to an unhealthy indoor environment. There are many underlying sources for moisture problems including trapped vapor, plumbing leaks, flooding, and inadequate weather protection during construction.

Moisture within buildings can lead to serious problems from both an engineering and environmental standpoint.

Assessing Moisture Conditions

The Sigma Group performs moisture assessments for facility owners and operators, developers, and building and restoration contractors who need to address moisture problems. The assessment process not only identifies building materials that are impacted but may reveal the source conditions, especially those that are hidden. By applying the moisture assessment information, a logical response plan can be formulated for source control and restoration of affected areas.

Assessment Process

Sigma is skilled, experienced and equipped to help in moisture assessment. We integrate our understanding of building construction with various investigation methods including comprehensive visual inspections and the use of moisture meters and infrared cameras. By utilizing these highly accurate and sensitive instruments, Sigma employs non-destructive methods of investigation to determine the moisture content of substances including drywall, plaster, wood, concrete and carpeting and can use the information gained to formulate appropriate response actions.

Sigma’s infrared moisture detector: This portable device provides quick and highly accurate results during a moisture assessment without damaging building components.

Moisture Assessments and Complementary Services:

  • Building Conditions Evaluation / Property Condition Assessment
  • Clearance Monitoring
  • Demolition Planning and Design
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Mold Investigation and Management
  • Pre-Demolition Asbestos Inspection

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