Sigma engineers roadway improvement plans

wauwatosa, wisconsin

The Sigma Group provided surveying and civil design services for the Meinecke Road extension and Mayfair Road intersection improvements necessary to accommodate the Best Buy development in accordance with the multi-party agreement between the City of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), Best Buy and Amcore Bank.

Project components included design of the Meinecke Road extension and intersection improvements including dedicated turn and through lanes, traffic median and pedestrian crossing island, public sidewalk and installation of conduit, junction boxes, loop detectors and traffic signal bases for future intersection signals and street lighting. Traffic Analysis and Design (TAD) provided traffic and signal analysis services.

Services and plans provided by Sigma include:

  • General notes / typical section plan
  • Quantities plan
  • Demolition and removal plan
  • Intersection / Roadway Improvement Geometry
  • Lighting / signal plan
  • Pavement marking / signage
  • Drainage
  • Cross section plans
  • Standard construction details
  • Public Water Main / Profile plan
  • Water and storm sewer design

The project also included design of a public water main extension down the Meinecke Road extension. There was also extensive coordination with the City of Wauwatosa and WisDOT for fast track design and permitting to accommodate Best Buy’s grand opening.