Benefits of reliable mechanical systems

One of the most difficult issues facing building owners involves having reliable, functional mechanical systems to meet the expectations of occupants and other users of the building space. This is often the result of changing conditions or changing performance requirements. Not understanding the expectations of system requirements is another causative factor, along with deterioration of equipment due to old age or lack of preventative maintenance.

The Sigma Group has been involved in wide range of investigations targeted to analyze non-performing mechanical systems and then develop meaningful cost-effective solutions on behalf of the owner.

These investigations have included the following:

How Sigma can help:
  • Vibration studies for stamping plant, truck traffic and demolition projects
  • Combustible dust hazard evaluation and control (pesticide manufacturer, metal finishing, sanding / finishing operation)
  • Fall Protection Systems
  • Odor control (chemical manufacturer, wastewater treatment)
  • Hazard analyses (refrigeration systems, chemical manufacturing, metal finishing, painting operation)
  • Troubleshoot the following:
    • UF systems (biological growth, membrane breakdown, incompatible chemicals)
    • Dust collection systems (welding, foundry, metal finishing, process)
    • Ventilation and humidification systems
  • Troubleshoot and commission scrubbers (chemical manufacturing spill act, metal finishing)
  • Troubleshoot and upgrade wastewater treatment systems[/one_half]
    [responsive]MSA_02[/responsive]                                                                                 Sigma provides reliable and efficient analysis of nonperforming mechanical systems through our owner representative services. Our experience base is enhanced by having conducted numerous facility maintenance assessments for a wide variety of building types and uses.We also provide pre-construction quality review analysis to help owners avoid non-performing mechanical system issues after start-up and use.                                                                                 [responsive]MSA_01[/responsive]


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