Managing material recovery systems

The Sigma Group has developed expertise in material recovery systems to ensure the most favorable condition for our customers. Businesses are continuously looking for methods and means to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace. This often involves technological innovation, new product development and expanded operations.

Achieving competitive advantage can also involve cutting costs, but doing it carefully to not reduce quality and level of service. Some cost cutting measures are easy to identify, while others require a keen eye and solid understanding of business processes. Sigma has developed special expertise in the area of process knowledge and leverages that expertise to help customers find and achieve competitive advantage.

One example of this expertise is our work in the area of chemical recovery systems employing ultrafiltration technology on metal substrate pre-coating and pre-finishing processes. In fact, several of our engineers were awarded the Willem Rudolfs’ Medal for Industrial Waste Control by the Water Environment Federation. Their work involved using ultrafiltration to manage wet metal pre-cleaning operations to remove impurities and reduce the required bath make-up chemistry and cost.

Our process engineers are familiar with many different industries and have developed innovate methods for managing a wide variety of waste streams with the goal of achieving value through intelligent water processing and materials recovery.

Sigma management methods include:

  • Metal cleaning waste stream chemical recovery
  • Reclaiming used oil systems
  • Landfill gas utilization and cogeneration
  • Anaerobic Lagoon Gas Utilization
  • Foundry Sand Reclamation
  • Waste Glass Reuse
  • Salvaged / Re-Purposed Facility Assets




This ultrafiltration unit was custom-designed to fit the client’s specific needs.

[responsive]Material recovery systems[/responsive]

Cogeneration turbines fueled by a supply of methane landfill gas saves clients millions of dollars each year.

[responsive]Material recovery systems[/responsive]

Wastewater pumped from this facility is fed into an anaerobic lagoon. Biogas is then produced in the lagoon and used as supplemental fuel for boilers.



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