Sigma investigates and removes oil from wastewater



Master Lock was experiencing oil interfering with treatment of metal-bearing wastewater. Problems with oily wastewater included conveyance and transfer systems build-up, floating solids, inhibiting physical/chemical treatment performance, difficulty in thickening and dewatering processes, and potential regulatory violations.

The Sigma Group assessed oily wastewater sources and performance of Oil/Water separator working to reduce or eliminate oily wastewater entering the water treatment plant and interfering with metals treatment. Sigma systematically evaluated oily wastewater management improvement opportunities to conceptually define and prioritize solutions as follows:

  • Meetings gaining management support
  • Schematic designs of manufacturing process
  • Oil/Water separator performance evaluation
  • Analyze alternative techniques for oil reduction or removal

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Following the evaluations, Sigma designed ways for Master Lock to remove oil from source waters, including decanting oil from an existing wastewater tank, installing an Oil/Water separator, and locating oil skimmers at sumps.