Sigma services for major downtown interchange


The Marquette Interchange, originally completed in 1968, is a vital connector for both southeast Wisconsin and the entire State. The new interchange at the intersections of I-94, I-43 and I-794 in downtown Milwaukee was completed in 2008 at a cost of over $800 million dollars built to replace the existing, aged structures. The new structures’ design was specifically executed with the goals of reducing crash rates, relieving congestion, sustaining over 300,000 vehicles per day as well as functioning as a transportation workhorse for statewide economic development.

Services provided by Sigma include:

West Clybourn Street Location

The Sigma Group functioned as the construction administrator for site construction, providing both construction management/engineering services on this $8.9 million project. West Clybourn Street was the first contract of the overall Marquette Interchange reconstruction protect and included concrete pavement, asphaltic surface, curb and gutter, sidewalk, utilities, extensive traffic control, retaining walls, and signing and lighting. The structures consisted of the 16th Street Viaduct reconstruction, Tory Hill Bridge and one temporary support structure.

Left Leg Location

Sigma provided both construction management and engineering services on this $31 million project. Sigma was the lead bridge construction engineer for five temporary structures including four multiple span pre-cast concrete girder structures and a two-span steel girder bridge with a timber superstructure and asphaltic riding surface. Sigma was also assistant bridge construction engineer on the six-span steel tube/box girder northwest connector ramp bridge on this project.