Kondex Corporation

Lomira, Wisconsin

Historically, the Village of Lomira had allowed Kondex to discharge process wastewater directly to the sanitary sewer without requiring on-site treatment for the removal of oil, grease, and metals. However, the Village of Lomira began experiencing operational issues with the POTW and subsequently requested Kondex to limit the quantity of oil, grease, and metals discharged to the sanitary sewer system to alleviate and mitigate potential future upsets occurring at the POTW.

The Sigma Group assisted Kondex with meeting the POTW request by completing the services:

Alternatives Evaluation

Sigma evaluated four wastewater treatment alternatives for Kondex to achieve compliance with the Village of Lomira discharge limitations: evaporation, ultrafiltration (UF), chemical removal with free phase separation, and off-site disposal. The result of the evaluation was a recommendation to bench test UF membrane technology. Sigma also assisted Kondex in the planning phases of their new manufacturing facility to incorporate a central collection system for the process wastewater sources which would be necessary regardless of the management strategy selected.

Bench Testing

Sigma personnel completed bench testing of Kondex wastewater to ensure that the proposed ultrafiltration system would effectively treat Kondex wastewater and would be a feasible, cost effective wastewater management choice.

Treatment System Design, Installation, Commissioning

Based on the pilot test, Sigma established system design criteria and proceeded to design, construct, and install a complete custom system. System start-up and operating assistance, including appropriate training for operators, was also provided to ensure a successful system.