The Indoor Environment

Sigma understands the indoor environment and employs industrial hygiene principles to scientifically collect, analyze and report data helping our clients make sound, informed decisions. Sigma engineers are acutely aware of special air quality concerns related to construction and renovation activities in health care, multi-family, manufacturing, commercial and office facilities. Sigma works closely with our clients to develop appropriate risk-based monitoring strategies to ensure a safe environment for occupants.

Sigma services consist of monitoring and evaluation of the following:


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  • Aldehydes
  • Asbestos and silica
  • Biological agents (mold, bacteria)
  • Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide
  • Heavy metal fume, dust
  • Noxious odors
  • Oil mists
  • Particulate matter
  • PCBs
  • Radon
  • Semi-volatile and volatile organic compounds; methane
  • Temperature and relative humidity
  • Other process exposures




Sigma provides rapid responses including concise reports that provide a comprehensive evaluation of building systems, lAQ complaint-driven assessments, and employee exposure issues in the workplace. Sigma also provides the following additional services to evaluate employee exposure and process system related issues.


Drinking Water

Sigma samples and evaluates well water and other potable water systems to determine compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) standards. Additionally, Sigma samples potable water systems for biological agents including Legionella and Mycobacteria


Occupational Noise Exposure Standard and Hearing Conservation Amendment requires hearing protection for any workplace operations resulting in noise exposures in excess of 85 dBA TWA. Sigma conducts noise surveys to determine if hearing protection and a Hearing Conservation Program are required. Sigma can also study other noise issues related to current, proposed, or nearby land use.


Sigma conducts monitoring to evaluate building demolition and renovation activities involving select or total building dismantling, foundation construction / pile driving, and manufacturing operations such as stamping and punch presses. Sensitive receptors such as neighboring residential properties and industrial and health care facilities with precise operations are also evaluated

Biological Assessment

Sigma provides air quality and building material assessments for biological agents including bacterial and fungal organisms, allergens, and microbial VOCs. Sigma minimizes liability risks by using state of the art inspection and assessment techniques recommended by the ACGIH, AIHA, EPA and the University of Minnesota Department of Environmental Health and Safety. Services include air and material sampling and evaluation, prepurchase condition assessments, material moisture assessments, preparation of fungal abatement specs, and performing observation and clearance monitoring.

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