Sigma helps with hazardous materials and demolition plans


Hometown, Inc. operated an ice manufacturing and heating oil distribution center at the facility on 43rd and Orchard Streets. Hometown ceased ice production and storage approximately four years ago and heating oil distribution approximately two years ago. Hometown demolished the facility to position the site for future redevelopment.

The Sigma Group was retained to conduct a pre-demolition site assessment for asbestos, lead-based paint, and other regulated and/or hazardous materials. Sigma conducted an asbestos inspection to comply with the USEPA NESHAP, WDNR NR 447 Control of Asbestos Emissions, and the City of Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services Code of Ordinances Chapter 66 Toxic and Hazardous Substances. Sigma incorporated the asbestos, lead-based paint and hazardous materials inspection data into the abatement and demolition plans and specifications. Sigma solicited bids from contractors to abate the asbestos and hazardous materials and prepare the site for future development. Sigma will conduct abatement observation and third-party clearance monitoring and demolition coordination and observation activities.