Sigma brings industrial services to Harley-Davidson


Harley-Davidson operations in Milwaukee has included the corporate headquarters at Juneau Avenue, engine and transmission manufacturing at the Pilgrim Road and Capitol Drive plants, the Willie G. Davidson Product Development Center, and distribution and warehousing in Franklin. Sigma has been providing technical resources as an outsource for a wide range of environmental, health, safety and facility engineering assignments.

Services provided by Sigma include:

Air Quality

Determined air emission requirements under the Clean Air Act Title V permitting regulations for Capitol Drive, Pilgrim Road and the Product Development Center.

Waste Water

Provided design / build/start-up of an ultra-filtration (UF) treatment system at Capitol Drive, to treat oily parts wash water and recovery cleaning chemistry for reuse. Evaluated performance and developed improvements to UF system at Pilgrim Road.

Environmental, Health and Safety Management

Serving as an outsource for Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) compliance programs. Developed and maintain systems to track and calendar applicable regulatory requirements including air, wastewater, hazardous waste, SARA reporting, and related employee training. Secured environmental permits for Pilgrim Road plant as part of start-up.

Investigation / Remediation

Conducted subsurface investigation of yard operations involving underground storage tank removals and historical material handling practices to characterize nature and extent of impacts. Developed practical remediation strategies for corrective actions to manage impacted soils in-place rather than more expensive removal approaches.