GIS-image03Having a tool that “does it all” is the goal. The issue is that the phrase “does it all” means different things to different people. Many commercial systems and packages that are useful and effective may lack certain capabilities or do not integrate well with an owner’s existing management system.

One solution is to adopt an asset management tool flexible enough to be modified by the owner without spending a lot of money on costly software or hardware. Flexibility and compatibility are the keys. Employing an Arc-GIS-based platform enables the owner to customize the model for a wide variety of functions, providing the capability of linking to existing facility systems and information.

The GIS-based model has unlimited potential. Our customers use the model to evaluate space restrictions and conflicts when looking at facility modifications or equipment additions. We add value in facility management, capital planning, condition of assets mapping, and compliance management.

GIS-based models can include:

  • Construction details and specifications
  • Emergency Management
  • Energy Utilization Database
  • Environmental compliance
  • Expected life and replacement cost
  • Facility as-built information
  • Inspection reports
  • Preventative maintenance information
  • Safety information
  • Security systems (history and real-time)
  • Service and repair records
  • Vendor information
  • Warranty documentation


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