Sigma designs and installs wastewater treatment system


GE Healthcare manufactures medical imaging, medical diagnostic and patient monitoring systems at their Electric Avenue facility in Milwaukee. The Sigma Group helped GE Healthcare design, installation and commissioning of a wastewater treatment and air scrubber system for a new wafer manufacturing process. A 6,000 cfm acid / caustic scrubber system was created to control process off-gassing. The wastewater system was designed to treat 40 gallons per minute of combined scrubber blowdown and process waste water to meet Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District discharge standards.

Services provided by Sigma include:

Process Design

Sigma was provided with the general characteristics of the process waste water and process off-gas to develop design alternatives and cost estimates reviewed with GE personnel. Process flow diagrams, P&IDs and a control logic were developed for the design chosen by GE.

Request for Proposal (RFP)

Sigma wrote the mechanical and electrical contractor RFP for the wastewater treatment and air scrubber system.

Regulatory Compliance

A review of air pollution control and wastewater pretreatment regulations was performed to ensure compliance with all requirements. Sigma drafted and submitted the required Engineering Report to the Wisconsin Deptartment of Natural Resources.

Bid Review

Bids were reviewed with GE personnel to ensure completeness and equipment selections met design specifications.

Construction Management

During construction, Sigma addressed contractor questions and conducted walkthroughs to assure the design was properly executed.


After installation, Sigma developed the commissioning procedure and tested scrubber and wastewater treatment systems with GE personnel to ensure they operated properly and performed to design specifications.