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FIN_01The Sigma Group assists clients to obtain grant and financial assistance from local, state and federal programs to augment traditional funding mechanisms for brownfield development and environmental cleanup. Sigma works closely with several Wisconsin reimbursement programs established to fund soil and groundwater cleanup activities. Sigma offers our clients full claim preparation and management services for projects conducted pursuant to the Wisconsin Petroleum Cleanup Fund Act (PECFA), Ag/Chem Program (ATCAP), and the Dry Cleaners Fund (DERF) programs. Our experience is not limited to Wisconsin, as we work with many federal programs.

Customized Solutions

Sigma will work with you to determine which financial assistance programs are right for your project and help you evaluate costs that might be eligible for reimbursements, grants, or tax credits, and then assist you to obtain the appropriate funding. Examples of programs with which we have experience are:

Reimbursement Programs

  • Ag / Chem Program (ATCAP)
  • Dry Cleaners Fund (DERF)
  • Wisconsin Petroleum Cleanup Fund Act (PECFA)

Grant Programs

Project funding is just a phone call or email away. Sigma staff will find the best financial assistance programs to keep your project moving forward.

Credits and Incentives

  • Development Zone Job Creation Tax Credits
  • Federal Tax Incentive for Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Remediation Tax Credits
  • Renewal Community Tax Incentives
  • 179D Energy Efficiency Deductions


Sigma’s Track Record of Success

Working with public and private grant and loan programs such as Tax Incremental Financing (TIFs), PECFA, DERF, and others, Sigma has secured millions of dollars in project financing.

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