Sigma assists Froedtert and Community Health

Working in partnership with Froedtert Hospital, The Sigma Group assists with an array of building expansion, renovation and facilities development services, as well as Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) services, many of which help health care settings proactively plan and operate in a more sustainable manner.

Services provided by Sigma include:

EHS Program Management

In order to assist Froedtert compliance with the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) Environment of Care requirements, Sigma participates in monthly environmental management meetings with hospital staff to ensure compliance with local, state and federal environmental regulations. Sigma provides third party evaluation of EHS performance in such areas as air emissions, water consumption / usage, waste disposal, asbestos management, compliance reporting including annual Wisconsin Departmental of Natural Resources (WDNR) and SARA submittals, and indoor air quality. Through auditing, Sigma identified ways to reduce hospital operations environmental impact and reporting requirements. Sigma has also developed management plans for the hospital including a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan and asbestos management program covering operations and maintenance through facility renovation and demolition projects.

Air Permitting / Compliance

Sigma has reviewed facility operations in order to determine compliance with air emission regulations and air permitting requirements. Sigma has prepared and submitted air construction and operation permits to the WDNR for ethylene oxide sterilizers and backup diesel generators for Froedtert. We also determine annual facility air emissions and compares the levels to WDNR NR 438 reporting thresholds. Semi-annual and annual compliance reports are also submitted to the WDNR and USEPA by Sigma.

Underground Storage Tanks

Sigma has assisted Froedtert with registering USTs with the Wisconsin Department of Commerce and maintaining the systems regarding corrosion protection. As part of ongoing compliance assistance, Sigma reviews and updates the SPCC plans to reflect current USEPA regulations and facility operations. Sigma managed a diesel fuel oil release following a fuel delivery system failure by reporting the release to appropriate agencies and developing a strategy for site cleanup and facility decontamination.

Waste Management

Sigma provides waste management for an array of specialty and hazardous waste streams generated at Froedtert and their sister Dynacare Laboratories. Sigma reviews accumulated materials in order to develop suitable disposal and management methods that comply with local, WDNR, and RCRA requirements. Sigma is responsible for inspection, staging, inventory control, arranging for disposal, manifesting, and reporting of hazardous and special universal regulated wastes.

Employee and Patient Exposure Monitoring (IAQ)

Working with hospital personnel in facilities management and infection control, Sigma conducts exposure monitoring of sensitive hospital areas and processes including operating rooms, intensive care units, laboratory units, pharmacy and radiology. Employee exposure monitoring is conducted to demonstrate and document compliance with OSHA exposure limits. When problems are identified, Sigma diagnoses conditions and identifies corrective actions to resolve air quality / exposure issues immediately involving filter changes, balancing HVAC, securing barriers and improving control of air exchange / movement for ongoing building functions and during construction and remodeling activities.

Water Damage Standard Operating Procedure

Sigma developed standard operating procedures for the control and countermeasures for potential water damage resulting from construction or facility failures as required by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. The focus is to handle water damage to best minimize mold growth.