Sigma helps water and wastewater utility project

Racine, Wisconsin

The Racine Water and Wastewater Utilities selected The Sigma Group to assist with redevelopment activities associated with a water treatment plant expansion. The project phases included the purchase of a 15-acre parcel with an approximately 300,000-square-foot manufacturing facility located adjacent to Lake Michigan, demolition of the entire structure to grade, and construction of a new generator building and physical plant. Approximately seven acres were retained by Racine Water and Wastewater Utilities while the other eight acres were targeted for redevelopment. The water treatment plant was completed in 2005.

Sigma provided Racine Water and Wastewater Utilities with multiple phases of due diligence activities to identify potential onsite liabilities and quantify the potential costs associated with those liabilities, including the following:

Environmental Site Assessment

A Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment was prepared to evaluate the suitability of the property for the construction of three office towers at the northern end of the property along with townhouses, condominiums and related improvements. Subsurface investigation activities included soil borings, test pits, and documentation of abandoned underground storage tank (USTs) and contamination associated with former USTs. Sigma conducted a NR 716 compliant subsurface investigation and negotiated a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources(WDNR)-approved remedial action plan consisting of leaving soil impacts in place, using excavated and contaminated materials on site for fill and in berms, and implementing remediation by natural attenuation to address groundwater contamination.

Investigation and Remediation

Sigma successfully worked with the WDNR to obtain an exemption to NR 504/506 to build on a landfill and evaluated hydrogeologic mechanics to help design a de-watering system to enable subsurface construction activities. Sigma also prepared a soil management plan to compliment the engineering specifications for the project.