Sigma works with City on Milwaukee Road Shops development


Since the bankruptcy of the Milwaukee Road in the 1980s, the former locomotive and railcar manufacturing facility had remained vacant and idle. The City of Milwaukee purchased the approximately 100-acre former Milwaukee Road Shops site through condemnation in 1999 for purposes of developing a light industrial park within the limits of the landlocked City. The goals of the City through this development were to eliminate a blighted environmentally impacted property and attract family supporting jobs through the creation of developable parcels for new or relocating industry.

Milwaukee Road Shops


Milwaukee Road Shops

AFTER in 2010

Services provided by Sigma include:

Soil and Groundwater Investigation and Remediation

As part of the City’s condemnation process, Sigma designed and conducted pre-purchase due diligence activities to assess the soil and groundwater impacts present as a result of nearly 150 years of heavy industry operations. The investigation activities provided the information needed to develop a remedial action plan and prepare the site for brownfield development.

Upon purchase of the property, Sigma continued investigation activities and assisted with the development of remedial strategies to address free phase petroleum product and chlorinated volatile organic compounds present in the site’s groundwater.

Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint and Hazardous Material

Prior to demolition of residual structures at the site, Sigma completed asbestos, lead-based paint and hazardous materials inspections. In addition, Sigma prepared abatement specifications, conducted contractor bidding, oversaw and documented abatement activities. Sigma also consolidated and coordinated hazardous materials removal and disposal.

Asbestos Mitigation Oversight and Monitoring

Building and demolition debris, present across the site, was determined to be commingled with asbestos- containing building materials (ACBM). Sigma, on behalf of the City, negotiated with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to allow the on-site consolidation and encapsulation of the ACBM. Sigma developed best management practices to minimize the potential for the release of fibers during these activities and conducted air monitoring to ensure and document compliance with the best management practices.


Sigma oversaw the demolition of the site’s remnant above and below ground structures and substructures including the facility wastewater treatment plant, former manufacturing buildings, roundhouses and power plant footings and foundations, historic process pits and vaults and facility storm and sanitary sewer systems commissioning and move-in.