Sigma provides asbestos abatement and demolition

Dousman, Wisconsin

Asbestos DemolitionThe Sigma Group was retained by the owner of a senior living community to conduct pre-demolition asbestos, lead paint, and hazardous materials inspections of an apartment building. Following pre-demolition inspections, Sigma was tasked with developing a demolition plan for the building.

Demolition planning activities completed by Sigma included evaluation of site utilities, investigation of local permit and submittal requirements, evaluation of material handling and waste disposal options, completion of a topographical survey, and completion of a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Chapter 30 permit since the building was located within 300 feet of a State of Wisconsin priority waterway. Sigma prepared the asbestos, lead paint, and hazardous materials abatement and demolition plans and specifications for the demolition project, and administered the bidding process for the abatement / demolition project.

Asbestos DemolitionFollowing selection of the abatement and demolition contractors, Sigma was retained by the property owner to oversee and document asbestos abatement and demolition activities. Sigma provided on-sight monitoring during the asbestos abatement process and clearance sampling of abated areas to ensure compliance with applicable specifications and regulations.

Sigma provided on-sight project management services during the demolition process to ensure the contractor met all demolition requirements and followed demolition specifications. Following completion of the asbestos abatement and demolition process, Sigma prepared a summary document for the owner including applicable asbestos abatement and waste management documentation and confirmation of compliance with demolition plans and specifications.