Brownfield cleanup helps create jobs


Elite FinishingElite Finishing is a start-up manufacturing operation dedicated to decorative chrome plating of aluminum and brass parts. Elite acquired and developed a 1.5-acre brownfield site by completely gutting and renovating an old 17,000-square-foot (SF) factory and constructing an 8,000 SF addition to house plating and polishing operations. The venture created 60 jobs in the near south side of Milwaukee.

Sigma performed both Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments within the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) Voluntary Party Liability Exemption (VPLE) Program. The Phase 1 ESA revealed significant industrial use involving light manufacturing. Former underground storage tanks were revealed through review of building records. The Phase 1 ESA information served as the basis for a Phase 2 ESA investigation, remedial actions, and appropriate handling of excavated soils during the plant explanation construction.

Services provided by Sigma include:

Process Engineering

Designed, coordinated and served as the construction manager for the building improvements and installation of the manufacturing processes involving plating line components, and ancillary air pollution control and wastewater treatment systems. Developed Operation and Maintenance procedures for facility and manufacturing operations and oversaw commissioning.

Investigation / Remediation

Performed Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessment within the WDNR VPLE program. Facilitated beneficial reuse material as sub-grade fill.

Brownfield Development

Sought and secured brownfield grant from Wisconsin Department of Commerce and Milwaukee County.

Environmental Health and Safety Management

Developed environmental, health and safety (EHS) management systems, secured applicable permits and serves as outsource to handle compliance reporting for hazardous waste, air emissions, storm water, wastewater, and OSHA-driven programs.

Wastewater Management

Designed, built, start-up, and operation of a 30-gallon per minute wastewater treatment system for metal bearing waste water involving hydroxide precipitation, ion exchange, and DI water make-up for clean rinses.

Air Quality

Determined air emission requirements under the Clean Air Act Title V permitting regulations applying Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) Standards. Designed installation of air pollution capture and control systems.