Sigma investigates VOC vapors at dry cleaning sites

Cedarburg and Wauwatosa, Wisconsin


Wauwatosa Active Dry Cleaning Facility

Groundwater samples collected as part of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Dry Cleaning Environmental Response Program (DERP) site investigation for an active dry cleaning site indicated the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and that homes located on adjacent residential properties were potentially at risk of vapor instrusion.

Steps taken by Sigma at active dry cleaner to access the risk:

  • Secured access agreements with owners of select adjacent properties considered at risk based on screening criteria to allow collection of sub-slab vapor samples from beneath basement floor slabs.
  • Following collection of sub-slab samples, collected indoor air samples in one of the residences where sub-slab vapor concentrations exceeded applicable risk screening levels.
  • Indoor air samples indicated no contaminants were present within the indoor air..

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Cedarburg Former Dry Cleaner

As part of the DERP investigation scope of work for a former dry cleaning facility, Sigma collected samples to evaluate the potential vapor intrusion risk to the site building, as well as buildings located on adjacent properties.

Steps taken by Sigma at former dry cleaner:

  • Based on the shallow depth of volatile organic compound (VOC) contamination identified at the site, the most appropriate locations for the collection of vapor samples were through the basement sidewalls of the site building and buildings located on adjacent properties.
  • Analytical results of the collected samples indicated that concentrations of vapors within the soil outside the basement walls did not exceed applicable risk screening levels.
  • The site received regulatory case closure in January 2010.

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