Preparing Sites for Development

Thoughtful demolition and hazardous materials planning are crucial to preparing sites for redevelopment. Decommissioning, abatement, and razing are early site preparation activities that must be managed in a manner to optimize opportunities to recycle, minimize waste disposal, control surrounding impacts, and to adhere to.


Sigma brings efficiency to demolition taking advantage of opportunities to optimize reuse, salvage, and recycling to save money and time. Efficient practices like on-site concrete aggregate crushing reduce hauling costs and material needs.

Sigma Knows Demolition

The Sigma Group blends technical abilities and seasoned experience in environmental and civil / site engineering to prepare sites for redevelopment. Our approach to demolition management and planning focuses on minimizing disruption to surrounding operations, satisfying regulatory requirements, and minimizing waste disposal by seeking recycling and reuse strategies for demolition materials.

Hazardous Material and Waste Management

  • Identifying, testing, and segregating compatible wastes, residues, and debris
  • Comprehensive asbestos inspection, project design, and on-site abatement oversight
  • Apply standards established by OSHA, NESHAP, and other regulators, while helping define abatement requirements and control activities
  • Preparing plans and specifications
  • Bidding and contractor selection

Lead-Based Paint Inspection

  • On-site decontamination, recycling, and consolidation of similar wastes to reduce quantities requiring off-site disposal, and maximizing beneficial reuse including masonry, metal, asphalt, and wood
  • On-site treatment of contaminated materials, decontamination rinsates, wastewater, and residuals
  • Assist with liquidating assets and reuse of building materials
  • Removal of waste residues, dismantling of manufacturing equipment, ventilation systems, waste storage facilities, building infrastructures, and healthcare waste
  • Coordinating proper removal and secure disposal at permitted off-site treatment recycling and disposal facilities


Sigma can help you obtain LEED credits for points in this category.

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