Sigma provides comprehensive service for ballpark project

Southeast Wisconsin Professional Baseball Park District

Miller Park is a 1.2-million-square-foot (SF), 43,000-seat baseball and entertainment facility on a 265-acre site located in Milwaukee, owned by the Southeast Wisconsin Professional Baseball Park District (SEWPBPD) and the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club (MBBC). The stadium includes 30,000 SF of office space, 2,000 SF of retail space, and 15,000 SF of restaurant and banquet facilities.

Services provided by Sigma include:

Demolition Planning

Sigma conducted a comprehensive assessment of environmental issues for the decommissioning and demolition of Milwaukee County Stadium. Environmental issues involved underground storage tanks, PCB equipment, refrigerants, lighting equipment, mercury devices, and residual chemicals.

Sigma then prepared contract documents to properly decommission and demolish the existing structure, determine the limits of demolition, prepare utility disconnection / rerouting, site utilization and coordination with other activities. Sigma also served as the project engineer during environmental abatement and demolition.

Environmental Compliance Assistance

Sigma secured the required environmental permits for Miller Park involving stormwater management, wastewater discharge permits, spill response planning, hazardous waste and annual reporting. Sigma functions as the environmental compliance consultant to the SEWPBPD and the MBBC.

Environmental Management Systems

Sigma developed a program matrix to identify each specific environmental program, a compliance calendar to identify annual compliance requirements and deadlines and an environmental resource guide with data needed to understand, implement and maintain management issues.

Facility Maintenance Assessments

Sigma, on behalf of the SEWPBPD, conducts facility management assessments to ensure proper stadium maintenance and attainment of structural life expectancy. This effort also involves the identification, analysis, design and construction management of capital improvement projects.

Investigation / Remediation

Working with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), Architectural Engineer Team and Construction Manager, Sigma investigated and defined subsurface conditions which allowed the WDNR to approve construction on the landfill site as required by NR 504. This consisted of developing a methane management plan and building design features to protect the new facility from existing and migrating underground methane.

Sigma monitored contaminated soil removal, documented management and disposal, inspected construction and continues to provide groundwater monitoring.

Owner’s Representative

Sigma staff functioned as agents of the SEWPBPD during design and construction of Miller Park.

Primary activities included monitoring and review of design and construction activities to maintain schedule and budget; review of contract services, schedules and costs for project design and construction; preparation, review and presentation of monthly progress reports to District Board, Construction, Finance and Participation committees; review of design and construction requests for payment; assisting development and preparation of annual project operating budgets and cash flow projections; and coordinating overall project commissioning and move-in.