County Stadium / Miller Park

SE wisconsin professional baseball park district


Facilities assessments, audits, and monitoring of the maintenance functions performed by the landlord, team, tenants or operators provide value to all of the stakeholders when conducted by an objective third party. When performed at least annually, these assessments provide a great measurement tool regarding the anticipated life of facility systems and financial planning information.

Benefits derived from third party assessments include:

  • Independent evaluation of physical condition of the facility, with knowledge and perspective from other similar facilities and uses.
  • Potential to benchmark maintenance level and expenditures against other similar functioning facilities.
  • Assure useful life of the facility and equipment is maintained.
  • Assure that dollars contributed by any stakeholders are invested to maximum extent in preventative maintenance activities.
  • Provide information for both long-term and short- term capital planning and improvements process.
  • Identify improvements to help avoid risk and reduce maintenance expenditures and operating costs.
  • Ensure that all maintenance functions are properly managed and that facility is organized to prevent maintenance oversight.
  • Protect investment in the physical asset, and maintain a sound environment for employees and customers alike.
  • Extend useful life of physical assets.

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The Sigma Group team of professionals have experience performing Facility Maintenance Assessments for Miller Park in Milwaukee and Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis., as well as other manufacturing-oriented facilities.

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