Infrastructure Construction Inspections

The Sigma Group provides on-site construction inspection services for Wisconsin Department of Transportation, municipal, and private infrastructure construction projects. Construction inspection services help to ensure contractor construction activities adhere to approved project plans and specifications.

Typical inspection and review activities include:

  • Continuous construction observation
  • Daily reports and progress / quantity documentation
  • Conduct pre-construction and weekly progress meetings
  • Utility coordination and public progress updates
  • Monitor traffic flow through work zones
  • Monitor erosion control practices
  • Traffic control and staging areas for construction worker safety
  • Project submittals and shop drawings for conformance to plans and specifications
  • Material certifications and inspections
  • Contractor payment applications
  • Project as-built documentation and project close-out material

Construction Inspection Experience

Sigma staff are qualified and experienced in both rural and urban projects for the following activities:

  • Site erosion control, landscaping, and restoration
  • Mass grading / excavation and stormwater management basins
  • Underground utility installation (sanitary, storm, and water main)
  • Roadway grading, subgrade proof rolls, and subgrade undercuts of poor soils
  • Base course sampling and compaction testing
  • Asphalt and concrete roadway paving including concrete curb and gutter
  • Pedestrian facilities including concrete sidewalks, bike, and multi-use trails
  • Bridge structures over waterways, railroads, and roadways (various structure types include concrete slabs, precast concrete girders, steel girders, and pre-fabricated steel truss bridges)
  • Various retaining wall systems (cast-in-place concrete walls, secant pile walls, MSE walls, tied-back walls, modular block walls, and timber landscape walls)
  • Street lighting and traffic signal installation
  • Pavement marking and signage (including sign structures)
  • Unique construction activities including deep foundations, high capacity de-watering systems, directional boring, casing pipe installations, soil surcharge monitoring, and soil dynamic compaction
  • Construction activities adjacent to sensitive natural resources, navigable waterways, wetlands, and endangered resource exclusionary fencing

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