Owner Assistance

The Sigma Group assists the owner by identifying specific municipalities’ plan submittal permit, plan review and approval processes, required submittal dates, schedule of meetings and agenda notifications, and fee reviews. Additionally, Sigma identifies current zoning of the proposed site, consistency of the proposed development with existing zoning, conditional use permits that may be required, and zoning variances.

Sigma completes comprehensive descriptions of the site and contiguous features to identify:

  • All adjacent business and building features
  • Streets (including pavement types and configuration), curb and gutter, adjacent sidewalks, medians, and alleys
  • Land contours and overall drainage of the site and abutting properties

Developer Assistance

Sigma provides the developer with a complete environmental overview of the site to identify:

  • Presence of surface and subsurface contamination
  • Existing wetlands, flood plain, endangered species restrictions, and conservancy districts
  • Encumbrances such as right-of-way, easements, and set-backs
  • Utility requirements / deficiencies
  • Other potential development-related issues requiring solutions

Development Due Diligence

Determine factors to maximize land development, including:

  • Feasibility of client goals and objectives
  • Utility and infrastructure design parameters
  • Stormwater design criteria
  • Ecological, geotechnical environmental conditions
  • Municipal code requirements
  • Design and infrastructure budgets

Through the thorough review of existing site conditions and general and specific governmental and agency requirements, Sigma will ensure that the owner has the full ability to make informed decisions through the development process.

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