Industrial services planning for Cargill operations


Cargill beef processing operations in the Milwaukee-area include Cargill Meat Solutions-Butler, which primarily produces frozen patties and Cargill Regional Beef- Milwaukee, located in the Menomonee Valley, whose operations include slaughter meat packing, case-ready production and new product development.

Sigma conducted all required environmental remediation, compliance and abatement for the site, including the following services:

CargillEnvironmental Health and Safety Program Management

The Sigma Group served as outsource for environmental compliance programs, developing and maintaining systematic tracking and calendaring of applicable requirements related to air emission, wastewater, storm water, hazardous waste, SARA reporting, Risk Management Program and Process Safety Management Regulations.

Stormwater and Wastewater Management

Sigma designed wastewater pre-treatment systems, which included screening, equalization and dissolved air flotation. We managed the pre-treatment building construction and system installation at the Milwaukee facility, and designed the system for the Butler facility. Sigma also developed and implemented Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans at both facilities.

Investigation and Remediation

Sigma conducted subsurface investigation of 11 specific areas of concern at the Menomonee Valley Operation related to material handling, historical land filling, and fueling system underground storage tank removals. We negotiated closure approaches with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources involving remediation by natural attenuation and selective excavation of impacted soils.

CargillAsbestos Management

Sigma coordinated asbestos abatement in more than 20 areas within several buildings at both facilities that involved the removal of thermal insulation, flooring and wall finishes. We performed contractor monitoring and conducted clearance to ensure safe conditions during and after work.

Waste Management

Sigma assisted with the development and implementation of a Waste Minimization Plan that included performing a waste characterization study and identifying opportunities for reducing costs associated with waste disposal.