Sigma investigates methane gas and more at museum site



The Sigma Group was retained to evaluate naturally occurring subsurface methane gas at an abandoned landfill site and develop a remedial strategy for construction of a new Harley-Davidson Museum at the east end of Milwaukee’s Menomonee River Valley.

Sigma implemented extensive subsurface investigation, gas monitoring and field-scale pilot testing activities to develop a clear understanding of the gas generation rates and migration potential across the site. Based on site-specific information, Sigma developed a remedial strategy addressing the gas migration concerns and incorporate the remedial design into site development plans.



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The remedial system designed by Sigma included the installation of a network of lateral venting wells beneath each of the museum buildings and included rooftop vent fans to control the sub-slab areas. This system helped prevent the accumulation of methane gas within the structure subgrade and development of the property with appropriate safeguards.[/one_half_last]