Sigma helps support Cargill facilities


Cargill was founded in 1865 and has grown into the world’s second largest privately held corporation. As a major player in the agribusiness industry, operations include the purchasing, processing, and distribution of grain and other agricultural commodities, and the manufacture and sale of livestock feed and ingredients for processed foods and pharmaceuticals.

The Sigma Group has supported a number of Cargill facilities with Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) compliance as well as facility engineering. Highlights include:

  • Industrial stormwater management at three production facilities and a cold storage facility
  • Assistance with energy tracking and reduction goals at 
  • Process wastewater management and improvements including treatment system design, equipment specification, O&M systems, infrastructure evaluations and training at two production facilities
  • Development and implementation of water reduction strategies 
  • Assistance with compliance elements of ammonia refrigeration systems (PSM, RMP, SARA reporting) at two production facilities and a cold storage facility
  • Assistance with non-contact cooling water management
  • Design of air pollution control equipment