Sigma works to reconstruct and extend Canal Street


During the reconstruction and extension of Canal Street, The Sigma Group provided on-site field services to ensure proper management of special materials encountered during site activities.

Services provided by Sigma included:

  • Proper closure and ch. NR 700 investigation of a potential underground storage tank (UST) located near 1300 West Canal Street.
  • Evaluation and coordination of proper management of potential lead-based paint (LBP) and/or asbestos-containing materials (ACM).
  • Coordination and oversight of the excavation and handling of “Contaminated Material” and “Special Excavation” including:
    • Field-screening, classifying and directing the excavation of Contaminated Material and Special Excavation areas.
    • Documentation of excavation and material management activities.
  • In field oversight and direction to the contractor of the excavation and segregation of contaminated and special materials from common excavation materials.
  • Coordination and direction regarding the proper characterization and management of groundwater removed as part of dewatering activities.


Subsurface investigation and closure of existing UST, environmental documentation, material management, and contractor oversight.