Sigma provides industrial hygiene for Bucyrus International

south milwaukee, wisconsin

BucyrusA large manufacturing client with significant welding operations requested our assistance with industrial hygiene evaluations, including an evaluation of potential hexavalent chromium exposures associated with welding on and/or with stainless steel.

Services provided by Sigma included:

Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

The Sigma Group identified potentially affected employees and conducted employee hexavalent chromium exposure assessment for multiple job classifications including welders, crane operators, material handlers, and employees performing fire watch. Based upon the assessment results, Sigma made recommendations for modifications to work practices and use of engineering controls to reduce employee exposures to below the OSHA hexavalent chromium action limit.

Program Development

In order to ensure compliance with OSHAs hexavalent chromium standard (29 CFR 1910.1026), Sigma assisted our client with the development of a strategy to:

  • Identify materials containing chromium
  • Identify processes/products/welds requiring chromium-containing materials
  • Implement and assess engineering and work practice controls
  • Assess employee exposures
  • Develop a Hexavalent Chromium Compliance Plan as part of the Industrial Hygiene Program
  • Implement and enforce appropriate hygiene practices
  • Develop a Housekeeping Program
  • Provide medical surveillance of employees as required
  • Communicate the hazards of hexavalent chromium exposure to affected employees
  • Maintain appropriate records

Sigma assisted with developing many of these elements, as well as communication with OSHA, union representatives, and employees.