Sigma helps former freeway site come to life


Avenir development

The Avenir Development is the first mixed-use residential development located in Milwaukee’s former Park East Freeway Corridor. The first phase of the project involved construction of a four-story apartment building housing 104 residential units with 7,000 square feet of ground floor retail space and multi-levels of underground parking. Future phases include full build out of a three-acre block area.

The Sigma Group was retained to provide integrated civil engineering design, environmental investigation and remediation, and surveying and mapping services. With over 40 feet of grade drop across the site and contaminated soils present at the site, the project presented unique challenges to establish architectural grades within the confined site while managing contaminated soil issues.


Sigma worked closely with the architectural design team to establish building and parking entrance elevations to work with the building architecture and the significant grade change across the site and utilize appropriate engineering controls such as pavements, retaining walls and foundation walls to manage on-site soil.

Sigma was also responsible for design of public streetscape improvements along the Jefferson Street and Lyon Street frontages, preparation of site utility plans, preparation of site paving plans, and preparation of site stormwater management plans for the development. An underground system was designed to provide stormwater management for the development. The system was designed to not only accommodate Phase I of the project, but for the full build out of the entire three-acre block.