Sigma helps out Andes Candies

delavan, wisconsin

Andes Candies, a chocolate candy manufacturer in Delavan, Wisconsin, generates acidic wastewater from its cherry operations and high-strength wastewater from its mold washing operations. Sigma assisted Andes Candies in developing a strategy for both wastewater management and wastewater management alternatives. Sigma also assisted in negotiating with the municipality on the development of a surcharge methodology.

Services provided by Sigma include:

Water and Wastewater Management Evaluation

Sigma identified wastewater sources associated with production and cleanup operations and provided evaluation of feasible wastewater management alternatives for both current operations and a planned expansion. Sigma conducted a review of existing on-site waste management systems, including evaluation of an existing “grease trap” system.

Design and Building

To establish treatment design criteria, Sigma interacted with Andes to ascertain the company’s goals and objectives for both wastewater management and planned facility expansion. Sigma conducted pilot testing of a membrane filtration system, and provided field verification and documentation of a process piping layout. A wastewater characterization study was conducted following completion of process changes.

Permit and Regulatory Assistance

Sigma successfully demonstrated to the municipality that six months of data collection and monitoring which they had completed was invalid and therefore not suitable for calculating surcharges. Sigma worked with both Andes Candies and the municipality to develop an appropriate methodology for establishing surcharges, including sampling location, frequency and method, reporting and payment frequency, and detailed protocol for applying surcharge rates and calculating surcharge fees. Total water use analysis for the purpose of finding is deducted from the sanitary sewerage bill.