Sigma helps Aldrich Chemical manage water treatment


Aldrich Chemical, a specialty organic chemical manufacturer, shutdown a manufacturing / packaging facility and erected a new building for the chemical manufacturing operations at their Teutonia Avenue Campus in Milwaukee. The Sigma Group worked with Aldrich and the architectural / engineering firm in the design of the building to minimize waste water generation and process off-gas, as well as investigate treatment options.

Services provided by Sigma include:

Water and Wastewater Management

Sigma’s team of engineers and technicians evaluated water and wastewater alternatives to identify waste minimization options and cost saving opportunities. Sigma performed wastewater and process off-gas minimization studies, and completed an investigation and cost analysis of treatment options. Design Document Preparation of a waste management program appropriate to the facility’s operations was also provided.

Design and Building

To successfully manage process water and waste water, Sigma designed and installed a 10,000-gallon-per-day wastewater treatment system to meet the OCPSF (40 CFR 414) pretreatment discharge standard. Sigma designed and implemented a variable airflow scrubber system to treat process off-gas.