Sigma environmental work helps 30th Street Industrial Corridor


Since the early 2000s, The Sigma Group has completed many Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and performed Phase 2 ESA / site investigation activities at 10 parcels near the south end of the 30th Street Industrial Corridor along North 31st Street between West Cherry Street and West Lisbon Avenue for the City of Milwaukee. This area of the City historically included light industrial and commercial buildings along a railroad corridor, while many surrounding properties were (and still are) residential. Past operations at some of these properties included automotive repair, a brass foundry, commercial laundries, construction storage yards, metal finishing and paint manufacturing.

There are several underused industrial sites within the Corridor offering growing companies room to expand. This location is advantageous for new business creation with successful companies in the Corridor and sites near major transportation routes.

Sigma performed Phase 2 ESAs for the City of Milwaukee at the 30th Street Industrial Corridor to provide a full analysis and report on the condition of the grounds.

Services provided by Sigma include:

Field Screening and Analysis

Phase 2 ESA activities performed by Sigma have typically involved the use of magnetometer surveys to search for unknown underground storage tanks, installation of soil borings and monitoring wells with an Emerging Business Enterprise (EBE) drilling firm, and the analysis of soil and groundwater samples by an additional EBE environmental laboratory.

Environmental Media Sampling

Sigma evaluated soil and groundwater quality data relative to applicable Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) standards to evaluate potential risks to human health and the environment on a site-by-site basis. In addition, Sigma compiled environmental data from seven parcels located between West Galena Street and West Walnut Street to evaluate this North 31st Street area with an “area-wide” perspective. This evaluation allows the further review of geologic conditions, site investigation and remedial strategies and assessment of risk hazards.

Evaluation and Reporting

Sigma worked closely with the City of Milwaukee to set and achieve project goals, whether it was performing work to meet WDNR Site Assessment Grant conditions, working with the City and a prospective purchaser to complete a State Statute 75.106 property transfer, developing potential remediation cost estimates, or assessing environmental data with an area-wide perspective rather than by parcel.